I have a confession to make: I used to believe that resistance bands provided a somewhat inferior form of strength training, and that they were only reserved for easy workouts.

Until I learned how to use them properly, that is!

Nowadays, while I love my dumbbells, barbell and kettlebells, resistance bands still hold an important place in my training. When used for the right exercises, the right way and with the right amount of resistance, bands are a spectacular tool that can yield some surprising results!

There are of course different types of band you can use, but if you were only able to pick one, I’d recommend a medium-tension long loop (remember that you can always double it up for a shorter, tenser effect!)

Here are three challenging circuits for you to try!


Set a timer for 25 minutes and perform as many rounds as possible of the following circuit:

Banded Good Morning (15 reps)
Tall Kneeling Overhead Press (15 reps)
Banded Squat (15 reps)
Band Pull-Apart (15 reps)
Banded Side Walk (15 each side)
Seated Row (15 reps)

Rest as needed to keep the highest possible quality of movement!


Secure a resistance band to a point that’s about knee-high. Make sure your anchor is sturdy enough so that it doesn’t move during your workout. Set a timer for 25 minutes, and perform as many rounds as possible of the following circuit:

Half-Kneeling Single-Arm Row (10 each side)
Lying Pull-Over (10 reps)
Standing Pull-Through (10 reps)
Standing Single-Arm Chest Press (10 reps)
Bent-Over Triceps Kickback (10 reps)

Pay attention to your form! Quality reps are what we’re aiming for!


This is a *serious* resistance band workout! 5 rounds of 5 exercises, as follows:

Banded Deadlift (10 reps)
Band Pull-Apart (10 reps)
Bulgarian Split Squat (10 each side)
One-Armed Overhead Press (10 each side)
Banded Lateral Walk (10 each side)

Pay attention to your form, and you’ll never again say that resistance band workouts are “easy”!

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