It’s completely OK to ask for help!

Why do I say this? Because I spent years struggling in silence and trying to figure it all out on my own. Did that get me closer to my goals? Honestly, not really.

Yet, I pretty much did it all:

  • Being a slave to the scale and weighing myself several times a day (and letting whichever number came up dictate my mood and my self-worth)
  • Thinking that if I got everything juuuuuust perfect, then I’d achieve the results I was looking for
  • Feeling extremely confused with all the different and conflicting information I was finding online
  • Letting myself be convinced that some of the “miracle” quick-fix solutions on the market had some credence to them (spoiler: they simply don’t work in the long term!)
  • Fighting to balance my professional and personal life with my health and fitness pursuits, and feeling like I was constantly on the losing side

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Isn’t it time to approach things differently?

_u8a4788I believe that we have much more to gain by striving to be more, instead of wanting to be less, and by treating our body as an ally, rather than as an adversary.

You are not a robot. You’re a woman with a life. Why not choose an approach that’s tailored to you? After all, why wouldn’t you want to be your Fit, Feisty & Fabulous self?

I’ve built my entire career around creating strategies and solutions to tackle unique issues, in order to focus on what works, instead of trying to fit people into boxes and making them feel as if they’re the ones doing it wrong.

As a Fitness, Mindset and Nutrition coach working with dozens of women from all walks of life, I’ve made it my mission to help them bring more strength, energy and ease into their everyday life by transforming their relationship with food, with exercise and with themselves, so that they can lead a more joyful, vibrant life.

Are you ready to fully invest in yourself? Then 1:1 Fit Feisty Fabulous Online Coaching can help you transform your life!

You want to focus on fat loss? I can help you.
You want to get your health back under control? I can help you.
You want to learn new, simple nutrition strategies? I can help you.
You want to start exercising effectively? I can help you.


● Customized fitness and nutrition programming that takes into account your current lifestyle, so that we can work on building sustainable long-term habits that won’t feel like a burden to keep up

● Daily email and text access to me, so that we can troubleshoot any situation that could arise

● A weekly call so we can catch up, celebrate your wins and tweak your program as needed

● Unlimited accountability and support so that we can build your confidence and get you to where you want to be


  • Are not interested in a cookie-cutter approach, as they understand that they have unique needs and circumstances that must be addressed
  • Are willing to investigate, learn, and participate in creating solutions that are tailored to their lifestyle
  • Are ready to let go of food guilt, and feeling like they need to do everything perfectly in order to get results
  • Understand that there’s no quick-fix, but that implementing solid and sustainable habits is the key to living a more vibrant life


  • You’re not willing to learn, investigate and experiment
  • You believe that all-or-nothing approaches and restrictive diets are the only way to go
  • You just want to be given a meal plan and you’re not interested in learning how to eat and move

My 1:1 Fit Feisty Fabulous Online Coaching is now available at a monthly cost of $167 with a minimum commitment of three months. Due to its high-access nature, only a few spots are available.

It’s time to invest in yourself! Fill out this application and let’s get started!