My life has tremendously improved since I started training with Fabi! I am former executive from a world-renowned entertainment company, mother, grandmother and wife. When I retired, I was in seriously bad shape—both body & soul—to the point where even daily movement was painful. Fabi understood the issues that I was dealing with and instantly gave me the confidence I so very much needed to start a training program that literally changed my life and my body.

She fully respects who I am as a person, and gives me just the right amount of challenge, leading to tangible success. With her knowledge and her calm yet encouraging energy, she’s helped me attain goals that I would have not dreamt possible—nor anyone for that matter, seeing what shape I was in when I started. She makes me feel strong again (which I am!) Since working with her, I’ve lost weight without dieting, I sleep better and I am now able to run after my grandchildren. Fabi is a miracle worker!

Murielle C.
Coaching Client

Since I’ve started working with Fabi, I can definitely see better muscle definition and overall strength. Even others have commented on my improved posture and more confident stride!

What I appreciate about Fabi is that she really listens and looks for options what will work for me. I’m definitely not a “natural” at working out, so it was important for me to be able to try things out, report back on what worked or didn’t work, and end up with a workout that I can do without losing motivation or injuring myself.

Our regular check-ins and exchanges go a long way to keep me motivated and allows us to tweak things so my efforts lead to maximum results.

Julie D.
Coaching Client

IMG_3218Fabi is a phenomenal resource and force for women!  Her work is heartfelt and insightful. She has a knack for making complex, overwhelming ideas seem so manageable.  She is vulnerable, honest and relatable in a world filled with misinformation, filters and rigmarole. She provides actionable steps for true growth and ease within a safe, encouraging space.

I am so grateful to count this woman as both a friend and a wonderful mentor who continually challenges me to question the story I tell myself and approach things with more ease, pleasure, and joy.

Rachel Black Graves
Owner, Bloomfield Fit Body Bootcamp

Fabi’s idea of balance is one I can hang with. It’s ease. Finding the spot where taking care of yourself feels like whole self-care and not like a chore, a mandate or something you can fail.

Erin Brown
Speaker and Activist

Kara-5Fabi has quickly become one of my go-to fitness professionals, bringing a reasoned tone to the landscape. She challenges us to be critical of widely held beliefs about fitness, exercise and nutrition to find the path that most resonates with the life we want. And she provides the workouts and meal ideas to back it up!

Kara Stewart-Agostino
Owner, KSA Personal Training

Why do I recommend Fabi? Because she’s not superficial, and not cookie-cutter. Fabi believes, like I do, that we make things much harder for ourselves than they have to be when it comes to adopting a healthy lifestyle. With Fabi, you learn strategies and tools to stop focusing solely on your physique as a measure of health; start living more fully; and create a life that’s whole and full of pleasure to live because you are more connected with you inner power.

Hilary Glaus
The Health-usiast

TaraBThe concept of a coach always brings forth an all encompassing vision for me: an all-loving teacher, motivator and uplifter. Fabi brings all that, and then totally upturns this perception for me, as a multi faceted coach, in the best of ways. For the last 3 years, every conversation has enabled and almost insisted on making me develop tools, and think with clarity for myself.

Fabi’s vast knowledge of nutrition, versatile forms of physical training, sensitive focus to empowering the emotional intellect and extensive communications background have made her one of my best allies. I love watching Fabi redefine the notion of mindset building in her unique way, and being at the receiving end of it all.

Tara Baswani
Singer-Songwriter & Creative Director

When I met Fabi, I was immediately struck by her energy. She radiates strength, confidence, and makes you feel comfortable—as if you’ve been friends forever. A sense of ease, you might say. Fabi’s a talented yogi but also a kettlebell instructor and a fitness maven. If you’re looking for a transformative experience that welcomes more ease in your life, especially in terms of fitness and food, I highly recommend checking her out!

Cara McDonald
Cara McDonald Yoga