Few things can be as insidiously polarizing as the way we feed ourselves. It’s a very fraught subject, isn’t it? Our choices in the matter tend to be very personal, both on the nutritional and the emotional front.

In fact, I believe that food’s become such a minefield that we’ve been disregarding one of the key elements of its nature: food isn’t just fuel; it’s a powerful way to share meaningful connections with others, and to experience the world.

I’m ready for some serious #FoodLove, and I believe you are too! This is why I’m hosting a brand-new free 10-day challenge, and I want you to join me!


From September 5 to 14, with the FOOD LOVE challenge, I will take you through:

🛒 Tips & tricks to make food shopping and meal prep a breeze (no soggy, repetitive meals in plastic containers!)

💚 Mindset tools to approach food with love and enthusiasm, and get rid of guilt and obsession.

🙋 Live cooking sessions with yours truly, because making  fantastic meals is much simpler than it seems.

On top of this, you will get:

💻 Access to a private FB group, where all the fun will be happening.

🍽 Some of my tried-and-true recipes and techniques, because I’m all about sharing.

👭 Laughter, support, shenanigans, and more!

Join FOOD LOVE now!

Oh hi! I’m Fabi.

As a lifelong food adventurer, passionate cook and all-around foodie, I’ve make it one of my life’s goals to explore the world of food and the foods of the world in all of their dimensions.

Furthermore, as a Level 1 certified Precision Nutrition Coach and certified Mindset Coach, I’m fascinated by the relationship that we entertain with food, and how we can dig into our own story to identify the patterns that are detrimental to us, and create new, healthier, happier and more sustainable habits.

No guilt needed! Ever!

Join me in this brand new free challenge! I can’t wait to spend those 10 days with you, and cultivate some serious FOOD LOVE!