I’m often asked what equipment is the best for home workouts, and while this obviously depends a lot on your goals—and there are truly all kinds of options available out there—I do have my own favourites.

One’s that’s been featuring increasingly in my own workouts is sliders! While kind of innocuous-looking, these  can really pack a serious punch and increase the challenge of any workout exponentially!

Interestingly, one of my favourite aspects of the sliders is that many of the exercises that we perform with them have a certain elegant quality to them… while sometimes being brutally demanding! The workout below is a very good example of this!

Music: bensound.com


Slider Pike (10 reps)
Slider Lateral Squat (10 each side)
Slider Plank with Reach (10 total)
Slider Leg Curl (10 reps)
Slider Swimmer (10 reps)

I can guarantee that every part of you will be feeling it!

Sliders have the distinct advantage of being highly compact, making them extremely easy to store or even to pack when you’re traveling. They slide superbly on many surfaces, and there are easy workarounds if you find yourself on a surface that creates too much friction. I like to keep a rubber-backed entryway carpet (about the same size as a yoga mat) as my designated slider work surface, and it works beautifully!

Besides their fantastic fitness advantages, sliders also offer other surprising perks, like having an object of the perfect size with which to fan yourself between rounds (I’ve done it!) and giving you the opportunity to seriously raise your dancing game!

Can’t be serious all the time, right?